moving some rugs around.

I got a new rug bc Wallace peed on the old one and even with all the Nature’s Miracle in the world, I can’t get rid of the smell completely. The smell at this point is actually the scent of the Nature’s Miracle, but I don’t like that either. The old rug is going to be left in a dumpster in NC when I move back to the west coast. It seemed like a good candidate to put in my hallway so there is place for Wallace to sit when he comes in and needs his paws wiped off. Without a rug, he just slides all over the wood floors. It’s hilarious! Here is a before shot of my entry way:

One thing that is challenging about my apartment is that the only window is in the front. That means the back (where I enter from the hallway) is completely dark at all times of the day. Plus, there is no overhead lighting! Lamps are imperative but somehow, no one thought about outlet placement when designing these lofts. The previous tenant had run an extension over the door to put a hideous christmas light wreath over the door. That was the only lighting in the hallway.  It was not bright enough to see if your socks actually matched.

In the photo above, I have already taken down the wreath, but I had left up the extension cord so I could plug in a lamp on top of my shoe rack without tripping over the cord. Jeff had a great idea to just run the cord under a rug so I wouldn’t have to look at the cords anymore.  Since I already had a rug I was willing to sacrifice to muddy paws and some liver-treat drool, I rearranged things a little bit: 

I think it looks a lot better! Also, thank you to my sweet brothers for that photo of the overgrown house you can see on the left hand wall. I love getting to look at it every day as I put on my jacket!  One of my favorite birthday presents!

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