Modern Dollhouses? Yes please!

There is a fantastic little article recently posted on NY Times about people building the modern home of their dreams… in miniature!  My favorite!  You too can read the article:  Modern Design, in Miniature, Is Growing

expedit IKEA miniature

Look at that well-styled Expedit bookcase! IKEA gone mini!

I adore miniatures and can lose hours playing with a dollhouse. Still.  As a (relatively) well-adjusted adult.  This may mark the beginning of a dangerous new hobby…

dollhouse Eames Lounger

Look at that hot Eames lounger.

Oh man.

I need a second bedroom for my new modern dollhouse collection.

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2 responses to “Modern Dollhouses? Yes please!

  • kathy smith

    See that little, itty bitty Eames chair? All of about 6″x6″? That little tiny chair costs $670. Tiny apparently isn’t cheap. (But it’s cute…)

  • Mini Dork

    The Eames chair is actually between $15-30 depending on where you buy it. Reac Japan manufactured several series of modern designer chairs. Search on ebay for “Reac Japan” or “Design Interior Collection” and you’ll see several modern chairs for under $30. :D

    I found your blog recently and am enjoying it. :)

    I have a guide with modern dollhouses on the market at all price ranges

    Along with a guide for modern miniatures as well.

    Hope you have been converted to the modern miniatures world, it is addicting.

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