fashion extravaganza

I can’t believe I only just found this now, but there is a faithfully updated slideshow of all the outfits Michelle Obama has worn in public since the inauguration.  It makes me want about 300 more fancy cardigans and color-coordinated vintage broaches.

just another excellent outfit from J Crew that I covet.

just another excellent outfit from J Crew that I covet.

When you see them all one after another, all I can do is think about the endless (immaculately organized) dream-closet she must have!  Just like Marie Antoinette Imelda Marcos Maria Carey!

This is really mariah carey's shoe closet.

This is really mariah carey's shoe closet.

Check it out here:

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9 responses to “fashion extravaganza

  • ted ferris

    Completely O/T, but I think you’ll fall head over heels for this pendant light:

    It must be featured on WGMS!

    • Kay Emm

      consider it done! I do love that light but I have neglected to blog about it!

      It was designed by Tord Boontje and he also does those little garlands that wrap around lightbulbs like they have in the dining part of Revolution (if you remember from walking past on saturday)

      Also, you get credit for creator/first user of the WGMS acronym!

      • ted ferris

        Hell yeah! Now a plural noun must be created to designate readers of WGMS.

        WiGwaMerS? Hmm….maybe not.

        Toord is a genius – an a lot of the stuff Artecnica designs is beautiful in it’s modern-minimalist glory.

  • Abby

    dude, i like just rewatched that episode of cribs where mariah shows us her shoe closet. and by shoe closet i mean, where she keeps all her shoes.

    • Kay Emm

      such a crazy bitch. (of course i mean that in a loving way) She says those are just the shoes she wears, the others (there are OTHERS) are in storage off site.

      Also, I read your blog and saw you went to Tartine and then sat in the park. Mr Bandy and I do the same thing when I come to town! Their sticky buns are otherworldly!

  • Kate

    Mrs. Obama is one classy lady. I wish I wasn’t still living like a grad student and could afford more JCrew, *le sigh*. But the photos of MC’s shoe closet make me want to punch her in the face.

    • Kay Emm

      someday we will be postdocs and then we will wear j.crew as we dive in our swimming pools of gold coins like scrooge mc duck :)

      • Kate

        Alas, no post dog craziness for me. Masters is as far as I wanted to go. AZ just pays their state employees absolute crap. We should be outta here in about a year though, so I’m really looking forward to a proper paycheck with which to fill my closeted shoe freak desires :)

  • Kate

    okay, post “doc”

    Maybe if I quit reading the same paper over and over again trying to understand why scientists mucked up a simple experiment I wouldn’t be misspelling things.

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