Further discussions of crafting.

I have seriously been thinking about fabric flowers all day.  Here is another tutorial for fabric flowers, these ones are meant to be used as a big dramatic collar on a dress as shown in the example or used as decoration on another piece of clothing etc.  I’m thinking about how nice they would look on dishclothes in my kitchen.  Perhaps red flowers in red and white stripe tea towels?  This tutorial is from the ever fantastic blog katie did where wundermom katie makes the cutest clothes ever for her cutest kids ever.

black ruffle top and red shorts

adorable dress with kick pleat!


love this linen-looking top

love this linen-looking top

 See I wasn’t lying.  Cutest ever. (seriously.  her children could all be models.  and her clothes, she could sell them.  for dollars.  american dollars!  I would love to to wear these outfits!  wish they came in my size… or atleast her patterns did)

Also, everyone knows that Martha’s craft dept is an amazing place that we can all trawl for inspiration.  Considering about half of my crafting supplies are for scrapbooking and I haven’t touched them in months (except to make the rogue card here or there), I found this mini scrapbook idea very cute.  Since I have been traveling back to CA every month or so to see Mr Jefferson C I have a lot of ephemera to scrap but it doesn’t really fit in my big scrapbooks that I keep for family and friends.  

Also, these lifelike dolls are the creepiest thing I have seen in a while.  They are the type of doll that the crazy woman in Illinois used in her anti-abortion blog/hoax about choosing to carry to term her baby who had been determined to have the genetic disorder trisomy 13.  Ignoring that crazy for a second, can we please just agree that those baby dolls, while impressively lifelike, are impressively gross?  I suppose one person’s art is another person’s disgusting overly lifelike baby.  They have all the blotchy-squished-up-baby-face-gross-thin-patchy-hair thing going on but with none of that wonderful baby smell that makes babies wonderful.

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