When Girl Meets Internet


I am no where near this good at science

I am nowhere near this good at science


HELLO INTERNETS! I suppose this makes me the proud owner of a brand new bouncing baby blog.  I feel a little nervous.  What do I even say? Perhaps now is the appropriate time to explain why a blog for this lady scientist…

I am a full time PhD student with a serious case of craft blog envy.  Sadly for me, there aren’t enough hours in the day to do the lab work that my advisor expects of a graduate student AND to hand piece a quilt with reproduction depression-era fabrics.  Maybe a blog will provide the creative outlet I am looking for?  I hope so.  Also, just to warn you, there may be a little bit of OMG SCIENCE IS SO AWESOME time.  You don’t go and try to get a PhD in biology without loving science.

So hopefully we can all try and learn something here.  I will post links to crafts I wish I had time to do well and others can learn what not to do by looking at my example.  And when I try to talk about science, y’all can help me not be too poindexter-ish.  Let me leave you with a link to a talk by a scientist that I think is awesome, Ms Bonnie Bassler.

i’ve got science to do kiddies.  see ya later!

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